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    1. A derivative called dicumarol is used as an anticoagulant (blood thinner).
    2. Levadex is an new inhaled version of dihydroergotamine, a drug used intravenously to treat migraines.
    3. Dimethylimidazole was used as an axial ligand.
    4. Mr. Arnold, mop-headed and boyish at 37, is spectacularly fond of his toys: the rotary evaporator he uses in a makeshift still, for instance, or the sonic dismembrator he used to make a hot buttered rum devoid of the fatty slick on its surface.
    5. A braking system is used for the dispulsion of a motor vehicle.
    6. This power of distress, as anciently used, became as oppressive as the feudal forfeiture. It was as hard for the tenant to be stripped in an instant of all his goods, for arrears of rent, as to be turned out of the possession of his farm.
    7. RFC 822, P. Mockapetris, November 1983: This RFC introduces domain style names, their use for ARPA Internet mail and host address support, and the protocols and servers used to implement domain name facilities.
    8. In several recent helicopter downings, the attackers used a variety of weapons [ … ] .
    9. The laptop ad that first showed an I.T. team with a problem and then showed IBM as the solution used emotional pivot as its dramatic structure.
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