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    1. Advancements in areas such as patient immobilization, image acquisition, as well as target localization have contributed to a substantial reduction in both inter- and intrafraction variation, allowing for more consistent and accurate treatment [1 ,2 ].
    2. Importantly, sunitinib treatment significantly reduced tumour burden, microvessel density and suppressed pulmonary metastasis in a 143B cell-derived intratibial osteosarcoma model in SCID mice.
    3. Officials in Qatar have said that companies building World Cup stadiums will be held to higher standards of worker treatment, and proposed changes to the kafala system are undergoing legislative review.
    4. The hot-and-cold-water treatment Sweetie referred to is called kneipping: you put your feet or your wrists or your shins in water to force your circulation to speed up.
    5. Orthodontics is always the first choice treatment for aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of malaligned teeth but in some exceptionally rare cases, the unwillingness of the patient for orthodontic correction poses a tough challenge to the dentist.
    6. A better understanding of the pathogenic events leading to dementia in variant TTR meningovascular amyloidosis may lead to novel treatment strategies for this debilitating and fatal disease.
  • Examples of treatments
    1. Eyelid specific treatments for hidrocystomas have included carbon dioxide vaporization, electrosurgery, hyfrecation, botulinum toxin, and intralesional tricholoroacetic acid injection.
    2. In the present study, we describe moderate protection of EHTs against hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced stunning by NO and BNP. Both treatments induced apparent cardioprotection that was detected as a maintained contractile activity and inotropy.
    3. Time course analysis until 72 h after treatments showed that nanoencapsulation of atrazine enhanced the herbicidal activity in comparison with a commercial atrazine formulation.
    4. Isotretinoin (also known as 13-cis-retinoic acid) is a synthetic form of vitamin A, which is primarily used to treat severe nodulocystic acne that fails to respond to other treatments such as oral antibiotics.
    5. This could be of particular benefit to orthoptists, who have the most regular contact with parents and children, and are more likely to suggest conservative treatments such as occlusion and minus lenses.
    6. Mean injection volumes for initial and touch-up treatments combined for the zygomaticomalar region, anteromedial cheek, and submalar region were 2.39 mL (range, 0.1-7.0 mL), 2.12 mL (range, 0.4-5.7 mL), and 2.42 mL (range, 0.2-10.0 mL), respectively.
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