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    1. Based on previous data, here we sought to test the hypothesis that exposure to SSRIs would alter the proliferation and apoptosis of perisutural cells at the cellular and transcription levels.
    2. This pattern strongly suggests that a deletion of the promoter region occurred in the common ancestor of muroids and abrogated the transcription of exon 1A (as observed in mouse, where the pseudogenized exon 1A is not transcribed, [ 18 ]).
    3. We show that in all three cases the antiproliferative activity of interferons is blocked and the induction of gene transcription of immunomudolatory and antiproliferative associated genes are substantially decreased.
    4. When two compatible monokaryons of different specificity of mating pathways A (with A genes encoding homeodomain transcription factors) and B (the genes coding for a multispecific pheromone/receptor system) fuse, a fertile dikaryon is established [3 ].
    5. We previously constructed monomeric transcription activators, or monotransactivators, assembled from an engineered ERE-binding module (EBM) using the ERα-DBD and constitutively active ADs from other transcription factors.
    6. Similarly, the role of heat shock transcription factor B3 (HSFB3) has been implicated in response to abiotic stress and in mycorrhyzal association [61 ].
    7. Many in vitro differentiation protocols generate polyhormonal endocrine cells that co-express insulin, glucagon and the transcription factor Aristaless Related Homeobox (ARX).
    8. Previous study showed the zic family member Zic2a was involved in the regulation of two prethalamic transcription factor dlx2a and arxa.
    9. E2A protein E47, which forms heterodimers with NGN3 to regulate proendocrine gene transcription [44 ] coprecipitated with human NGN3 and was detected along with E12, an alternately spliced form of E2A, in the mouse lysate (Fig 1I , bottom right panel).
    10. Further, the protein SRSF1 is up-regulated in cancer and its transcription is activated by the prooncogenic transcription factor Myc. However there is a significant difference in SRSF1 gene copy number that may account for its up-regulation [82 ].
  • Examples of transcriptions
    1. These frame tale interludes frequently include transcriptions of Italian folk songs.
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