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    1. To determine the oligomeric state of purified Kv1.3 proteins, Kv1.3 proteins solubilized in Fos-12 were exchanged into amphipols (A8-35) (Anatrace) following a modified protocol [ 72 ].
    2. Insistence that those who become dependent on the state be put to work seeks to impose the demands of the reality principle on them or to punish them by forcing them to do the unskilled work inconsistent with creative living.
    3. Data were searched with and without the MS2 processor node which deisotopes the MS2 spectra to the +1 charge state prior to searching.
    4. “The fact is that the unpledged delegate group was added not to be kingmakers or queenmakers but simply to give each state a few extra slots without having to sign in blood for a presidential candidate or run against their own constituents,” he said.
    5. The topup could be achieved by moving assets from a previous flagging state to the flagging state which requires a topup.
    6. Apocarpous fruits are the ancestral state in Acronychia and subapocarpous and fully syncarpous fruits are derived.
  • Examples of states
    1. Newton's third law of motion states that to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. This is one of several laws derived from his general theory expounded in the Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica. ‎
    2. The filter achieves this two-qubit filtering effect by using two ancilla photons as probes that detect whether or not the two input photons are in the desired states.
    3. These anticrosses arise from the mixing effect of heavy and light hole states.
  • Examples of stated
    1. stated preaching
    2. stated business hours
    3. The eloquent speaker persuasively stated her argument.
    4. The bishop, a highly placed churchman, stated the religion's opinion.
    5. He stated the case but I did disaccord.
    6. The window display was made up of an assortment of rather curiously shaped guns, rifles as well as small arms; and a glowing sign in the window stated: THE FINEST ENERGY WEAPONS IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE.
    7. "Several other witnesses gave corroborative evidence, and a constable who helped to arrest the prisoners stated that one of them, on being taken into custody, said: 'Ah, well, this is a fair cop.'"
    8. The problem is exactly the one you have stated: many people would not be comfortable with a sudden genderswap in the Doctor, when the possibility has not even been hinted at in the past.
    9. Because the special subject pledged continues the debtor's property, therefore if it perishes during the impignoration, it perishes to the debtor, according to the rule stated above, § 20.
  • Examples of stating
    1. The form letter included a canned answer stating that what I asked was against policy.
    2. In stating that the Woosters never give up, I was in error. These words caught me amidships and took all the fighting spirit out of me, leaving me a spent force.
    3. 'Whilst my boat was preparing (a Maltese speronara, with a crew of twelve men, selected for their knowledge of the coast,) I wrote two letters, one to Malta, and the other to Lisbon, stating the loss of the ship.
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