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  • Examples of proper
    1. Proper mulching in summer months keeps the soil cooler.
    2. To “sneak” implies that she was doing something wrong rather than using the proper, nonvulgar term for a body part, a term that children are presumably learning in their science classes.
    3. In fact, the neoconservative Moynihan running in New York against the paleoconservative James Buckley was able to position himself as the proper heir to a New Deal liberal tradition that Moynihan had been vigorously criticizing for almost a decade.
    4. When we examine common words, we find that, broadly speaking, proper names stand for particulars, while other substantives, adjectives, prepositions, and verbs stand for universals.
    5. the proper time to plant potatoes ‎
    6. a very proper young lady ‎
    7. They have a proper saint almost for every peculiar infirmity: for poison, gouts, agues  [ …] .
    8. my proper son
    9. Now that was a proper breakfast. ‎
  • Examples of more proper
    1. The spleenful Pigeons never could create A prince more proper to revenge their hate: Indeed, more proper to revenge, than save; A king, whom in his wrath the Almighty gave: For all the grace the landlord had allow'd, 1200 But made the Buzzard and the Pigeons proud; Gave time to fix their friends, and to seduce the crowd.
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