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  • Examples of name
    1. That new bartender has got my name on her, hands off!
    2. That bullet had my name on it.
    3. Healy’s first act was to crudely wipe out Forrest on the touchline. He saw yellow when it could have been red. Lafferty then had his name taken for a late one on Adam Matthews.
    4. Hold it. What did you say his name was?
    5. The formal name of a national having domiciliary register shall be identified by the national identity card;
    6. We need a name to put in this form, so let's just invent one.
    7. That's embarrassing... I mistyped her name on the invitation.
  • Examples of names
    1. I ran the grammarchecker on my novel, but the strange names confused it.
    2. Although many grape vines have geographical names, those rarely reflect their real origin, if known at all. ‎
    3. Grex names are mainly used for orchids and bromeliads, which hybridize easily and are eagerly cultivated
    4. Harry Potter names, characters and related indicia are copyright and trademark Warner Bros. © 2000. — Front matter, हैरी पॉटर और पारस पत्थर, Hindi translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling.
    5. 1885: i.e. "to Tom, Dick or Harry:" the names like John Doe and Richard Roe are used indefinitely in Arab. — The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Vol. 4 Footnote 5, Richard Burton
    6. It was in those letter columns that I was first exposed to the concept of fandom. Letterhacking was in high bloom in 1951; the letter columns were filled with chatty letters from all sorts of people, the names of whom I soon came to recognize.
    7. Most Machiguenga lack personal names. Members of the same tribe are individuated using kin terminology.
    8. Note - maid is often used in the common or species names of flowering plants.
  • Examples of named
    1. The riveter named Rosie was an iconic piece of American WWII propaganda.
    2. If slice category C over X has two objects (A, f) and (B, g) and a morphism h : (A, f) → (B, g), then this morphism would correspond to a like-named morphism h : A → B of C such that .
    3. The movie was named “Bull Durham,” with Tim Robbins as the speedballer who was all over the place.
    4. On Tuesday evening CNN had found two suitemates who recounted some of the most chilling details about the gunman, Cho Seung-Hui, including that he had an imaginary girlfriend named Jelly.
    5. Subaru named it after the New York zip code Tribeca — a syllabic abbreviation of “Triangle Below Canal Street” — not so much to connote wealth and glamour
    6. Create a single testentry named "client1". A description containing an umlaut is also helpful. The database must only contain this single entry (so you might need to do a backup of your phone first)
    7. [Species] bradyi [named] For Major L. G. Brady (fl. 1960), US-American who discovered the taxon
  • Examples of naming
    1. 1989: ‘By God, you speak our British language, as we must now call it since the new naming of our kingdom, with a fine accent and fluminous smoothness,’ Dick Burbage said. — Anthony Burgess, The Devil's Mode
    2. According to anthropology, there are six basic patterns of kinship terminology (i.e., "kin naming systems"): Sudanese, Hawaiian, Eskimo, Crow, Omaha, and Iroquois.
    3. Wikipedia article on the naming of organic compounds.
    4. Wikipedia article on the naming of inorganic compounds.
    5. “I have 60 different lachenalias, 10 different freesias, 25 moraeas,” Mr. Canning said, naming a few of his beauties, which, mixed in with big pots of camellias, will bloom from now through March.
    6. naming the problem ‎
    7. The Red Book is the standard reference book for those naming inorganic chemical compounds.
    8. To alleviate the problem of naming genes, reannotation of genes and proteins using a set of common, controlled vocabulary to describe a gene or protein is necessary.
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