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  • Examples of muscle
    1. This was correlated with the loss of muscle Col expression (Fig 5I and 5J ), which could be traced back to stage 11, during the process of selection of PCs from the Col-expressing promuscular cluster (Fig 5K and 5L ).
    2. However, the question whether fibers of the pubococcygeal muscle insert into the lateral walls of the pelvic organs as pubovaginal, puboperineal, and puboanal muscles [2 ,20 ] has always been contentious.
    3. Dorsal is expressed in the larval neuromuscular junction (NMJ) and, more specifically, at the subsynaptic reticulum (SSR), a highly convoluted muscle membrane structure that surrounds synaptic boutons [12 –15 ].
    4. This double-blind randomized controlled study aims primarily to evaluate the use of two muscle relaxant regimes on operating (SRS) and anaesthesiologic conditions in patients undergoing thoracolaparoscopic esophageal resection.
    5. Table 4 Pre- and post-treatment UES sagittal diameter at cricopharyngeal muscle Measures are made in mm, during bolus passage in videofluoroscopy.
  • Examples of muscles
    1. the hyposkeletal muscles
    2. the lumbrical muscles of the forearm or of the roundworm Ascaris lumbricoides.
    3. A myoelectric prosthesis uses EMG signals or potentials from voluntarily contracted muscles within a person's residual limb on the surface of the skin to control the movements of the prosthesis.
    4. But the most common TMJ problem is known as myofacial pain disorder, a neuromuscular problem of the chewing muscles characterized by a dull, aching pain in and around the ear that may radiate to the side or back of the head or down the neck.
    5. the petrohyoid muscles of the frog
    6. In pseudohypertrophic paralysis, the muscles are apparently enlarged, but are really degenerated and replaced by fat. ‎
    7. Ms. Mate’s symptoms responded to another approach — two treatments to inhibit firing of the pudendal nerve, which enervates the lowest muscles of the pelvis, plus regular use of an anticonvulsant drug.
    8. the risible muscles
    9. the risorial muscles
    10. Smiling takes fewer muscles than frowning.
  • Examples of muscled
    1. heavily built young men;   his heavily muscled arms ‎
    2. He muscled his way through the crowd.
    3. These gorgeous minifilms feature muscled figures, often shirtless, looking like jewel thieves or Spiderman, atop buildings where they skip and leap with such death-defiance and frank grace that it’s hard to keep from calling their sport dance.
  • Examples of muscling
    1. The Potters know their strengths and played to them perfectly here, out-muscling Bolton in midfield and bullying the visitors' back-line at every opportunity.
    2. The legs are set wide apart due to the very thick muscling.
    3. The effects of muscling were of secondary importance to the effects of fatness.
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