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  • Examples of microorganism
    1. organism → microorganism
  • Examples of microorganisms
    1. The host response is the defense mechanism of the host against exogenous microorganisms.
    2. The cud is then reswallowed and further digested by specialized microorganisms that live in the rumen.
    3. In addition, plants and microorganisms can biomethylate Se, which can result in a loss of Se to the atmosphere.
    4. Enhanced expression of high-affinity oxidases in the microoxic transition zone overlying the O 2 -depleted OMZ core clearly demonstrates the capacity of microorganisms to exploit sub-micromolar O 2 concentrations.
    5. Accordingly, this can be mainly attributed to the interaction between soil physiochemical structure and microphytic community of BSCs. Such microorganisms secrete mucilaginous polysaccharide sheaths that bind soil particles more tightly.
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