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  • Examples of combining
    1. At Vessel, in Seattle, the bar manager, Jamie Boudreau, starts his cherry bitters by combining separate bourbon- and rye-based infusions with a touch of honey-flavored vodka and the Italian digestif amaro.
    2. His brilliancy lay in combining old ideas from far flung fields into a new idea. ‎
    3. You can display c with macron (c̄) by merging the combining character macron with the letter c.
    4. Common in English, where in some putative compounds, such as autocrat or technocrat, both members would be combining forms.
    5. These results lead us to propose that the nervous system expresses diverse forms of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by combining β2 subunits with different agonist-binding α subunits.
    6. Broadacres was the ultimate landscape combining the best of the cities and the country, organicism, decentralization and usonianism.
    7. CROGGLE (Grennell)    Roughly meaning shocked into momentary physical or mental paralysis; a portmanteau-word, apparently, combining "crushed" and "goggled", and usually passive or reflexive in application.
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