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    1. plural of treatment.
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        • Incidentally, several drugs have been developed that treat cancers driven by BRAF, two of which, vemurafenib and dabrafenib, are now FDA approved for treatment of late-stage melanoma.
        • These autoimmune diseases can be treated with antibiotics; however diagnoses can be difficult and treatment can lead to side effects such as dysbacteriosis.
        • Patients underwent treatment with tocilizumab or eternacept.
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        • In the case of strictures of hepaticojejunal anastomoses after primary correction of bile duct injuries, the use of double balloon enteroscopy is a useful method for diagnosis and treatment.
        • Left hemicorporeal seizures persisted despite anticonvulsant treatment.
        • It is reported that long-term use of bisphosphonates contributes to persistent antifracture and bone mineral density (BMD) increasing effects for 3–5 years after an initial 3–5 years of treatment.

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