reaction meaning

  • Reaction may refer to: Response to another event
  • Adverse drug reaction
  • Chemical reaction
  • Chain reaction (disambiguation)
  • Emotional reaction
  • Light reaction (disambiguation)
  • Nuclear reaction
  • TNA Reaction, a documentary show of TNA behind scenes.
  • NounPLreactionsPREré-SUF-tion
    1. An action or statement in response to a stimulus or other event.
      1. The announcement of the verdict brought a violent reaction.
      2. You were in the courtroom. What is your reaction?
      3. When I last tried to eat strawberries I had a terrible allergic reaction.
    2. (chemistry) A transformation in which one or more substances is converted into another by combination or decomposition.
      1. In this reaction, the acid and base will neutralize each other, producing a salt.
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      • As noted, the proximity of Met356 to Cys125 in tmNrdD is compatible with the reaction mechanism proposed for the majority of class III RNRs, involving a thiosulphuranyl radical [48 ].
      • Additionally, the use of HCl solution is not desirable due to the formation of Cl 2 gas by reaction of orthoperiodic with hydrochloric acid.
      • Nonetheless, to the best of our knowledge, the capacity of raffinose and stachyose to act as fructosyl donors in transfructosylation reactions catalyzed by the levansucrase of B.
    2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
      • I was thinking along the lines of writing to the local paper, to see if we can get some reaction.
      • Since this, the proposed classification to separate the genus homofermentative Lactobacillus and Brochothrix from the catalase test may result an overlap in the case of positive reaction.
      • One μg of total RNA was retrotranscribed to cDNA using Superscript II RNase H - (Invitrogen), following the manufacturer’s instructions, with random hexamers to prime the elongation reaction.

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