no way meaning

WNo Way
  • No Way may refer to:
  • Adverb
    1. (now archaic or regional) In no way; not at all.
    2. Interjection
      1. IDI Absolutely not; under no circumstances.
        1. The disobedient girl said, "No way!"
      2. IDI Indicates astonished disbelief.
        1. You failed your exam again? No way!
        2. "He's hitting 400 for two months? No way!" / "Way. Actually 411."
    3. More Examples
      1. Used in the Middle of Sentence
        • We haven't decided if we want to move yet, but if we go down that road, there'll clearly be no way back.
        • Can you tell whether those flowers are real or silk, from this distance?  No, there's no way to tell. ‎
        • Long even before the last tenant had occupied it, the room had been regarded with fear and aversion, and the end of that last tenant had in no way lightened the gloom that hung about the place.

    Meaning of no way for the defined word.

    Grammatically, this idiom "no way" is an adverb, more specifically, an uncomparable adverb. It's also an interjection.
    • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
      1. Adverbs
        • Uncomparable adverbs
        • Interjections
        Definiteness: Level 6
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